Friday, April 08, 2005

Ford Service - Final Post - I hope!

Well A.J. actually called at 3:59pm. Bruce, Drum roll please. My car is actually ready. I dropped the Explorer off at their Enterprise Office. She went out and checked the mileage and then came back in. She asked my name and then started looking for the paperwork. She could not find it. She asked if I still had my pink copy, which I did. I let her look at it. It appeared that she brought some information up on the computer and then wrote down some numbers on the sheet. She then proceeded to tell me that I owed her $22 and the dealership would pay the rest. I asked what I owed $22 for. She said for going over the mileage limit. I sternly said that I did not owe anything and asked what the mileage limit is per day. She said that I did not need to yell. I was not yelling, I was just making it known without question that I was not paying for it. She said it was 150 miles a day. Hello. It had approximately 870 miles on it when I picked it up. It had 919 miles when I turned it in. She did come out when I took it and stick her head in to look at the mileage. I am guessing that she wrote it on the white sheet of paper that she couldn't find. The manager, who was not around, was the last one driving it. Not sure if he put the miles on it or if someone else had rented it and put the miles on and then they did not get it updated in the computer. She said that she would update the computer. She asked that I take my pink copy over to the cashier at the dealership and let them know that she did not have the white copy and they could call her if they had questions.

As I got over to the service department the cashier handed me a receipt and my keys. A.J. said everything should be good to go. I asked if they wanted the paperwork on the rental and they said yes, but stated they were suppose to get the white copy, so I had to fill them in about the pink sheet. They said they would take care of it.

I drove the few blocks home. I did not notice any problems. I'll probably take it out for a longer drive tomorrow to see how it goes. I hope good as I don't want to go back.

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