Wednesday, September 01, 2021

I’ve Decided on a Jeep Gladiator - Now Which One

If you decide on a Gladiator then you have to decide on a trim level. Ugh. So many trims, so many options. 

Check the trims out and compare. Link to Jeep Gladiator Model Comparison

It used to be everyone would say the Rubicon is the top of the line  Many now say the Mojave.

If looking for top of the line features and you’re off-roading definition is more dirt and sand then yes Mojave, with its softer more fast impact absorbing suspension with a bit more supple on-road it may be the top of the line for you. 

Very legitimate arguments for why the Gladiator is not the best for Rock Crawling, but if that is where your heart is and you’ve decided on a Gladiator and plan to start stock, the Rubicon would be your top of the line. When it comes to beast mode Road and Track puts it well, “ It (Mojave) will do 90% of what the Rubicon will”. So out on a tough trail that 10% more the Rubicon has might keep you from being stranded. Of course they go on to say, “but the Rubicon can’t do half of what the Mojave can.” Which goes back to definition of off-roaring.

If you lean towards the luxurious side and having 4WD is just a luxury that won’t be taken advantage of that often and that hard, by all means check out the best value trim for that, the Overland.

Next up is the debate for hard-core rock-crawlers  If buying the rig to simply rip everything off and start customizing to your liking the Gladiator Sport with Max Tow Package is a good place to start. 

As you can see there are more options than just these and one of them may turn out to work for you.

Good luck and enjoy! 

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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator Image
Jeep Gladiator

 Some say the Jeep Gladiator is a compromise compared to many other trucks and that this or that truck is better. That’s fine, they can argue all they want, but they still can’t pop the top.

Sometimes compromise is worth it. Is there really anything that gives you as much open air motoring than the Jeep Gladiator that also gives you as many additional capabilities?

One might comment motorcycle first, as far as true open air immersion, but what happens when frigid cold temps and snow factor into the picture. You pretty much need an additional vehicle at that point.

Then you might say Polaris Rzr, John Deere Gator or some other Side-by-Side/UTV, but those are pretty much miniature replacements, minus many creature comfort’s, and in most cases are not street legal, nor up to Highway cruising.

Onto others things like Ariel Atom, Polaris Slingshot, any Vanderhall model and the list goes on, some do expose you to the elements just as much, although many don’t as they have you sitting down in a cockpit, and those will hands down beat the Gladiator down the road or through the twisties, but a snow storm take those out of the picture pretty quickly for any practical use.

I’m sure someone will blurt out Ford Bronco (or even Jeep’s on Wrangler), and when I purchased I thought about the Bronco for its ability to get naked and have a decent storage solution for taking the doors with you, even though you basically lose all of your storage in the process, and like the Wrangler, you don’t have a bed for doing those pickup things.

So if you are like me, and don’t have the budget for multiple open air toys plus a pickup, the Jeep Gladiator can give you the opportunity of open air motoring and compromises you can live with. 

It kind of fits the category of a small Swiss Army knife, there may be better tools for each of the things it can do, but it can do all of those things well enough in a convenient package, why have all of the others.

You’ve got decent towing (more so in certain trims - Sport with Max Tow Package and Rubicon - be aware of that if looking to get one and you need to tow).

You have decent off-road capability, yes it is limited by its length.

You have good bad weather capability on road. Bring on that snow.

You have roadability, you can get most of the creature comforts of a car and cruise down the highway, even staying dry in a rainstorm, although you’ll have to put up with more road noise than most cars.

You have some pickup capability. Small bed, but it’s still a bed, you can utilize for hauling many different things around (yes including the 4x8 sheets of plywood - how many people actually do that?)

The Jeep Gladiator is certainly a niche vehicle, a niche that works perfectly for me. Looking to pop the top? It may work perfect for you as well. 

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Monday, January 15, 2018


I am on a couple of Electric Vehicle forums. One I follow fairly closely, another in passing. I sometimes start a reply/response to a discussion and then realize a lot of people aren't going to be overly pleased with my ramblings taking up so much space and effort to go through. I then thought I know a better place to just ramble, but it likely would not reach any of those people in the discussion. Needless to say I may throw some of my miscellaneous ramblings out here as I did when I started blogging.

I have thoughts all over the place on some of this stuff. I guess I will just ramble some without any real data. Sorry. I would think it hard  to be a business trying to set up electric car charging infrastructure. You don't own the electricity and you don't dictate the technology and if infrastructure building costs go up are customers going to be willing to pay more for it or just say forget it I'll go back to ICE. So many variables. I know some can't get good charging at their residence for various reasons, but it appears many can and do.  How many of you have a form of charging at home. If ranges double,  triple, etc and time to charge lessen what does that do for demand for away from home network charging. And what if things are simply looked at differently and another strategy works out. I think a company was doing a swap process for batteries, swapped while running through a structure much like a car wash. What if we all  had standard modular batteries instead and you simply pulled up and batteries were swapped in minutes. What if breakthrough in solar would allow for on-car solar reliably able to charge fast enough to sustain charge. Or technology changes that let you do more with less energy. One of the biggest variables is the human factor. I admit I have some of the bad traits of an American me generation. I want my own stuff and I enjoy driving. If I were really green (not even close) I would probably support autonomous (electric of course) cars and not require that I have one sitting unused much of a day all to myself (as well as 2 ICEs). It may be the best form of public transportation and come directly to me (of courses I could do a cab, Uber, etc to do that now) or walk to public transportation stops. But how many of us really want is good for humanity versus what is good for me. Hard to say I am saving the planet with my very own BMW not to be shared with others.

Would  chargers everywhere simply end up being the new phonebooth. How many phonebooths do you see today?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

BLU Win Jr LTE on Cricket getting "get media content now" message. Nothing happens when clicking link.

One of those things to post for my own future reference in case I would run into it again as well as for anyone else dealing with the same thing.

Moved from Motorola Mote E w/ Android to a Blu Win Jr LTE.  Both on Cricket.  It turned out to be as simple as popping SIM card from one and putting in other.  I did previously have a Lumia device on Cricket 6 months or so ago, so as I setup Blu phone I restored my settings down from backed up device.  Worked rather well, some apps no longer around, but it went pretty smooth until receiving my first MMS from iPhone user actually sending me a multi-recipient message.

Regular text were coming and going fine.  Tested texting a pic, which also failed.  I found the following page on Cricket that gave me the settings I needed to fix the old get media content now message.  After making the changes I was able to click the get media content now and the message that had previously tried to arrive came on through.

Bring your own Windows device to Cricket.

As it notes on the page linked to above, it states these settings are only for non-Cricket Windows Phones.  Such is the case for BLU (Bold Like Us) Win Jr LTE.

Now I need to test sending a pic and see if it has cleared up for that as well.

Monday, December 07, 2015

The Funny Side of 2 Factor

As I read Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security it reminded of a comical scene.

I was included in a meeting regarding a service an agency was looking to procure and it got to the point in the demonstration where the vendor was going to demonstrate the admin piece.  They pulled out their cell phone so that they could complete the two factor authentication to login.  The only problem being the building that we were located in is partially underground, needless to say when the info was sent to their phone that they needed for logging in they were unable to get it.  One of the two vendors then ran down the hall with the cell phone trying to get far enough towards the atrium that they could get a signal while the other requested the code again.  He ran back in and didn't make it back within the time allotted to enter the code, so they tried again, he ran back quicker and that time the other person was able to get logged in with the code.  Just one of those things to take into account when deciding on a 2 factor solution.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Text file keeps prompting to be downloaded instead of displaying in browser

Hello Blog, It's been a long time without a post.

Here is one that made it my way recently.

Agency customer:  Hey we have a bunch of text files hosted on website x and two of them are prompting to be downloaded, and if we download and view them they don't look the same as the others.  The other files simply display the text in the browser just fine. What's up?

A scheduled process sends the files to the web. Developer reruns the job, same results. I take a look at the two files that are having the issue and compare against a couple not having the issue. Turns out the two text files having the issue have nulls in them. Take the nulls out, post a test copy and they work fine, happily displaying in the browser. Update developer he needs to remove the nulls form the file he produces, which he does, and done, no more crisis.  But lets say you need to test the scenario as I did. Here is a quick way to do that. Open your text file with NotePad++.

Note the little Nul symbols.  Simply find and replace them.  You can't simply type nul in though. Here is how you can do it with NotePad++.

Open the file in NotePad++, you'll see the NULs.  You can't just type "NUL" into Find what: and expect for them to display.  You'll need to change the Search Mode to Extended.  Then you can simply put \0 (that is a backslash followed by a zero), then if wanting to simply strip them out leave the Replace with: field empty.  Click Replace all.  Save as something else so that you still have the original if needed.  Then upload that file and see if it takes care of the issue.  Of course, if wanting to replace NUL with something else put the replacement in the Replace with: filed.

Happy times with your text files on the web!