Friday, April 08, 2005

Ford Service Part 3

I got a call from A.J. at 10:33am. He stated that the shop manager pulled some strings and got a steering assembly in this morning (hopefully it is one for my car - maybe I need to check the police reports to see if any S2's in the area are missing any parts this morning - it does make one wonder a bit what strings were pulled). He thought that he would be calling me around 4pm today to tell me that my car is ready. I was getting use to having the Explorer. They must have known that I put gas in the Explorer last night. It had less than a quarter of a tank when they gave it to me. My Focus doesn't get all that close to the EPA rating it showed on it's sticker, but it is better than the 14.1 mpg that the Explorer's little computer is telling me that it is getting. Maybe I need to take off this afternoon, so I can go run some of the gas out of it.

I did mention to A.J. that it did not have much gas in it when I got it and he stated that I needed to bring it back with the amount of gas that it had in it and said that he would fill my tank up for the inconvenience. We'll see if that has happened when I pick it up.

I really hope that when I do take possession of my car again that I find out that the original problem that I took it in for is fixed. :-)

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