Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ford Service Part 2

I received a call at work a few minutes after 1pm. It was A.J.

He stated that the part they ordered arrived from Kansas City, but it turned out that it was not the right part. As my Focus ZX3 is actually the limited edition S2 model it has some different items, like suspension and steering. A.J. said it was basically a 50 cent part but you could not get it by itself. Ford Engineering told them they would have to get the whole steering assembly (from what A.J. said it is $1,000). He was nice enough to say that it would not cost me anything. Duh, you broke it. Anyway they could not find one anywhere close, so one is being sent from Michigan and will take two days to ship. I was now told that my car will be ready Tuesday. I told them I would just trade them the 2005 Explorer for my 2001 Focus. He didn't go for that.

He did say that he would call me around noon each day just to update me on the progress.

Hmm, am I receiving service? (Definitions from Merriam Webster Online):

A facility providing maintenance and repair.

Or am I being serviced?

The act of copulating with a female animal - Of course, the Merriam Webster definition is using much nicer language, but I think you get the meaning.

On another note, I am guessing that the Explorer was last rented by Oliver North because the 3rd row seat is folded down and laying on top of it is a tall kitchen type trash can with shredded documents and a shredder on the floor.

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