Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You know, since my Adobe post I still have yet to receive any kind of contact from them. I guess I'll have to try calling again.

I imagine by the time I would get anywhere with this the next version will be announced, although that will probably take place the day after our maintenance expires.

To find out more about Adobe Contribute and the myriad of features it has, you might want to check out their "All things Contribute Change the wwworld...one page at a time" blog. (Don't be alarmed, there is no need to try to adjust your monitor or return it to the manufacturer, that is just an over abundence of sarcasm oozing from the corner of your screen, moving on to another post may clear it up.)

Someone might find some tidbits of information on the Adobe Developer Connection site, although I found it interesting that the Adobe Blogs link goes to a Macromedia address.

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