Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Adobe Customer Service Ranks Last (with me)

It may be hard to believe, but I may have found a company that rivals Sprint for the top spot of companies with the worst customer service via phone.

Who might that be you ask?


I have been experiencing the frustration of trying to deal with them on a licensing issue for the past 3 and a half months. Not once in that time has ever called me or our named contact back, even after promising to do so.

I was not happy with them today when I called to follow up on an issue. Last week I talked with a rep on the Corporate Executive Team and he stated that our fulfillment request had been denied. He discussed with me a bit and said that he did not have a contact or two over the time frame documented and simply having to deal with the frustration of the whole ordeal with them might play into a response, so he was going to document that and re-submit.

It has been a week since that conversation.

I called back today and Eric wasn't available so they were going to pass me on to someone else on the team. I ended up transferred to a Customer Support Supervisor, which appeared to be one of the offshore locations. He looked it up and stated that our fulfillment request had been denied. I stated that I knew that it had previously been denied, but I was calling to check on the paperwork that Eric put back through. He then said he would look at Eric's notes and came back shortly thereafter stating that the request had been approved. He gave me a case number and said that he would transfer me to Licensing and they could give me all the information I needed. I got to Licensing and they took the case number and came back on and said that the request for that had been denied. I let her know I was just transferred to her after being told it was approved and she put me on hold for a couple of minutes and then came back on and said that someone would be calling me directly (they normally say they have to call the contact listed). She said someone would call me within 2-4 hours and explain it all to me. I told her that I would only be at work for 30 more minutes (until 5pm CST), so I would give her a personal number so that there would not be an issue with reaching me. I even had her repeat the number back to me to make sure she had it down correctly. Guess what, 11:30pm and still no call. Did I really believe I would get one? No, it is just par for the course.

I may take the time to post the whole series of events that have taken place at some point, but needless to say ADOBE, your customer service is lacking. One would also think that your company would have a more professional looking and better functioning PDF than the one you have for requesting the upgrade.

The drop downs only work for the first line of the product info and several of the boxes look as though someone has drawn boxes upon boxes. You would think it would be an opportunity to showcase your own product. Oh well.

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