Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ford Service Part 15

I took the car in on Wednesday last week. The key was to the point that I almost couldn't get it to line up to turn. They had a new tumbler on hand and replaced it. They had to order a motor ot fix my lock problem and supposedly ordered a latch to fix my problem with the trunk popping when you turn on the rear wiper. They put the motor and latch on Thursday and the latch still popped when turning on the rear wiper so they kept it another day to try to figure it out. Friday they said that there was a short that caused the problem and that they had to order a module for the latch and I could bring the car back Monday to have it fixed.

I questioned the replacement of the latch as they replaced the latch about a year ago and one would think that they wouldn't go out that quickly. He stated that as they were trying to diagnose the latch problem that the actuator was sticking, which required that it be replaced. Which also doesn't make since as that was not mentioned when they said they had to order the latch in the first place. As the latch didn't fix the other problem the service rep now says that it went out while the tech was trying to diagnose the problem and they had to replace it or they would not be able to continue diagnosing the problem. Seems like a bunch of double talk to me. The rep had also stated that the cost of the extra module along with the extra time to diagnose bumped my co-pay up, but when questioned about that as well, he stated it was just the cost of the additional module itself and that he miscommunicated earlier as the extra time to diagnose had nothing to do with it. Ugh!

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