Monday, August 29, 2005

Ford Service Part 14

I had a voicemail on phone which I checked while leaving work on Thursday 8/18. It was from Chris at my local Ford dealership. He stated that my stereo was in. As they are only open until 5:30pm and I am off at 5:00pm, but often don't get out of here until 5:30pm, I hadn't gotten a call back into them. I ended up calling on my lunch hour on Tuesday 8/23 and simply asked what it was going to set me back. Chris, the one the left the voicemail, answered the phone said he was not the rep assigned to my incident, that Virgil was and that he would have Virgil give me a call. As I had not heard back from anyone by Thursday 8/18, so I called at 5:15pm as I was leaving the office. The rep that answered, our friendly A.J., whom you might remember from previous posts, said that he would talk to Chris, asked for a number where I could be reached and promised that I would receive a call that evening. I got back from a meeting on Friday and had a voicemail from Chris. It said that he thought that it would be covered by my extended warranty and he wasn't for sure, but he thought that it would be $50, but my incident was assigned to Virgil, so if I had any questions that I could call and ask to speak to him. What a place!

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