Friday, June 03, 2005

Interesting times

Things are staying interesting. I am in one of the two agencies that did not fall under the statewide IT consolidation this year, while 14 others did. We will fall into the statewide IT consolidation in FY07 (7/1/06). Although we may have a year, IT in our agency is being reorganized to help facilitate a smooth transition in a year. To top it off, the whole Department is reorganizing as well. We have seen where IT fits in the whole new org chart, but the IT org chart has yet to be completed. It is expected that the structure for it will be put in place on 7/1/05, so we could be in for very little change, or we could end up seeing a lot of change. Right now it is still up in the air. The beginning of this week I had an additional group assigned to me. I guess that makes me fill a bit better about my position not being eliminated, yet within a few weeks I could have a totally different group of people and/or I guess the possibility exists I could simply become one in a group. Only time will tell.

Today I am off to try to pursue getting some MSDN Universal Subscriptions. I have been trying to get this done for the past year or so, but the prior administration simply kept telling me there wasn't any money to do so. Now would be the time as the price will only be going up with the introduction (probably October timeframe) of Visual Studio Team Edition with MSDN Premium Subscriptions. Depending on the version, etc.. one buys now they can be grandfathered into the new licensing at certain levels, etc..

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