Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ford Service Part 8 - Probably time to call again

The suspension on my 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 S2 has been making the squeaky box spring noise all day. I grabbed my digital camera on my way out to volleyball this evening. It was 8:30pm so to dark to get really capture video, but I stuck it in the wheel well simply to capture the noise. Simply sticking my hand under the fender and lifting the front up and down a bit. You can click here to follow the link to listen to the video and hear the noise that they can't seem to get fixed.

Update: 5-6-05 Well it was still squeaking this morning so after dropping my son off at school I ran by the Ford dealership and found A.J.. I told it was making the noise more consistently if we wanted to listen. I let him hear the sound on video as we walked out to the car and he said we should be able to find that.

Before I walked in I pulled up on the wheel well and it did not make the noise, but had been while driving this morning, so asked if he had a second to go for a ride. We pulled out of the lot and it started squeking bad enough that I was able to pull back into the circle as it kept squeaking and he said that they would get it in to look at it while it was squeaking. We'll see what the verdict is today.

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