Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ford Service Part 7 - It went back today

I dropped the car off again this morning.

Why, why, why? It is about like the phone systems that have you put in your phone number and then when you finally get to speak to a human, the first thing they do is ask for your phone number.

I went into the service area and told the guy I was there to drop off my car. He asked if I had an appointmnent. Once I told him that I did, he asked what was wrong with the car. Let's see, it is the same thing that it was when I called and A.J. setup the appointment and it is the same thing that I keep bringing it back for. Why keep asking me? If you are going to ask me when I make the appointment then have it in the computer so that you have a clue. I would prefer to have you tell me what you have in the computer, so I could clarify things for you if you got it down wrong the first time, than to simply take the time to tell you the same thing over and over and over again.

Update 1: I got a call from A.J. They took the car out twice and could not reproduce the the squeak/creak. No kidding. I said it wasn't happening all of the time, I wanted them to be aware of it and see if they wanted to wait until it was more frequent just for this very reason. UGH!!!!!!!!

Update 2: Well another morning and lunch hour of inconvenience that I could have done without. The van to pick me up was here within 10 minutes of when it was suppose to be, so I don't have a problem with that at all. When I got to the dealership and walked in to the service area they asked if they could help me and I said I was there to pick up my car. A.J. was sitting in a convertible Mustang working on the mechanism that latches the top closed. He called my name as he heard my voice. I think it would be nicer if the guy over the service department had a harder time putting my name with my voice. I guess that lets you know how much I have been in there lately.

He stated that the owner of the Mustang had slammed the top down and not closed it right, thus busting the mechanism. Hmm, seems like one might have taught them how to do that when they bought the car (I know it is possible that a spouse/family member/friend, etc.. could have been driving it and done it.). Needless to say the convertible Mustangs are new enough that the supposedly cannot get the $10 part that they need as a result of the newness and parts not being available. Supposedly a part is being pulled from the line and being sent. It took or is taking two weeks. Not real sure on that whole story.

Anyway, A.J. got the key and I took him for a ride and just as it doesn't do it all of the time, it did not do it as I took him for a ride. He said that I probably just need to bring it back when it does it more consistently. I stated that is why I called and mentioned that it doesn't do it all of the time and should I simply wait to bring it in until it is more consistent. He stated that they wanted to check it out and make sure that it wasn't a safety issue. If you can't totally figure out what it is, how can you really determine that it isn't a safety issue. When they originally thought they knew what it was they ordered the parts and sent me on my way with the car to simply bring back when the parts came in. Double UGH!!!

Maybe I'll have to put it on e-Bay as a haunted car and end up getting enough money out of it to pay all of my bills and buy a GT.

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