Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ford Service Part 5 - The Saga Continues

Well, the car is home again, but after driving it a bit today I did hear the same old squeak a few times. Not as pronounced as before, but it is definitely the same squeak. I hate to even thing about it, but I guess I'll be calling Ford back again.

4-13-05 Update: As the suspension has not made anymore noise, since the few times that it did on Saturday, I am hoping that the new bushings or whatever have basically been broken in and it has actually fixed the issue, so I am just going to leave it as it is for now and watch it.

I was also reminded of another incident today as I received a satisfaction survey in the mail. It was in regards to service my wife had done on her Ford Explorer. I had to think back to what it was, but there was a recall on the fasteners for the glass in the back hatch. I had called and scheduled a time to have the service done. As I took it in one morning before work they told me that they didn't have any of the parts to do the work. Then why wait for me to come in to tell me. Call me beforehand. I would be much happier. Anyway, they took my contact info, which they take every time, and already have in the computer, and stated that they would call me when the parts came in. It shouldn't be to long, probably a week or two. Well a month plus later when my wife was hearing a rubbing noise and called to have it looked at she asked about the recall work and they told her they had plenty of the parts to do that. Hello, you were going to call! Ugh.

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