Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Google Search Results Follow-up

I am losing it. I found the 2,000% thing I was thinking I had seen on Google. It is in the MSN Search box on My MSN.

I guess the search on the Top Movers items is simply stating that those specific items have increased 2000+% for the day.

You can see the MSN Search results by following the links. (I hadn't realized Isabel Sandford from "The Jeffersons" had passed away.)

Top Movers:
Isabel Sanford
Tori Spelling
Matrina Campins
Rebecca Budig
Cameron Diaz

Popular searches:
credit report
cash advance
hilton head
mortgage lead
internet provider
home owner insurance
tanning bed

These changed as I was looking at them. Not sure how they determine the popular searches and how often the list changes. Anyway you can try it out to see what Microsoft's search is like if you haven't before. I don't think Google has to worry (yet). MSN has their own toolbar as well.

Oh well. I knew I had seen it somewhere.

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