Monday, July 26, 2004

10-Digit SSN

Someone mentioned to me today that the Chair of the State VB User Group mentioned something about a new 10-digit Social Security Number. I said I had not heard anything and one would think it would be big news if that were the case. The Social Security Administration's Website had no info, and a quick Google search didn't bring up anything of any relevance, so I feel a bit safer now. Just think how many systems such a change would affect. In my search results I did see something that mentioned how to find Jon Udell's SSN. That name sounded so familiar and then I realized where it was familiar from. It is Jon Udell from InfoWorld. The individual posting this was Gary Burd. And it has been a circle since.

When catching up on my blog reading via Bloglines, Jon Udell's post on Sunday mentions Bloglines and Mark Fletcher. He also mentions Gary Burd in the post. Then today, Mark posts about Jon's post.


I have posted about Bloglines before and would also recommend it. I really like it. It is rather intuitive, although if simply wanting to add a folder alone, it seems as though that requires more effort with the updated interface, but most will probably add the folder as they add the feed.

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