Tuesday, December 02, 2003


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I am cheap. I use the free Blogger, link to graphics on other sites, etc.. It allows me a place to post and works for me. The Blogger Pro provides RSS. As the plain Blogger doesn't I looked (not to long) for an alternative. I found myRSS. It does work to a degree for my site. I guess it is better than nothing if someone is really wanted an RSS feed to this site. I must say that trying to catch up on blogs after the holiday was a bit tedious in the manual way, although I do like going to the sites, seeing the design of the site, etc.., but found that an RSS Reader can be a handy tool. Once again I didn't look long to find one that was easy to use and met my needs. I am talking about Bloglines. I decided that I wanted an online reader as I did not want to configure a reader for both home and work. This way I can follow the same items at both locations easily. Bloglines is easy to use, allows one to add a blogroll to their site via the blogs you subscribe to. You can limit which ones show, etc.. Really a nice little tool. Add folders and put topic specific subscriptions in the folders. At the folder level it will show how many entries you have to review, open it up and it shows the breakdown per subscription. This may be a feature in all of the RSS readers, but I like the fact that I have the choice of how I want to read it. I can go to a single subscription and click on it to view the entries or I can simply click on the folder and it will display all of the entries for all of the subscriptions in that folder. Cool.

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