Friday, April 23, 2004

A good day

It is a good day for our group. Hey, it's Friday isn't it. Well, it even gets better. I just received the following (slightly edited to protect the innocent/guilty) unsolicited e-mail from one of our customers today.

The note was addressed to the Customer's Administrator, My Administrator, and the Team Members.

We recently met with the Application Programming Group to review a demo of our new program.

One word...........Fabulous!!

The program is more than we ever envisioned or could have hoped for. APG has spent a tremendous amount of time converting the old data files, and developing the network application. The new program is 210% user friendly and will be easy to roll out to the bureaus. Their dedication to developing this application, and wanting to do it right, can be seen throughout the program. I'm sure they have learned more about our operations than they ever cared to know!!

We couldn't be more pleased with the final product and wanted to pass along our sincere appreciation for their efforts!!

This was followed by a note from my administrator and the administrator of the customer, a copy of the notes going to the Division Director as well:

My Administrator
WOW - what rave reviews!!! Your efforts have resulted in some pretty happy customers. Way to go!

Customer's Administrator
This is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Note: The application is in MS Access with a web front-end, running on our Intranet.

After trying to clean up some issues with another system that was brought about by some network connection issues earlier in the week it is nice to end on a good note.

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