Friday, July 25, 2003

Sprint PCS

I have a wonderful wife. I kind of like the techie stuff, but the bad thing about that is that it always cost money. Funny how that works, huh?

Anyway, she just ordered me a new phone. She was going to surprise me, but decided that it might be best to let me know in case she picked something I wouldn't like. She picked the Sanyo 8100, which I think is a good choice. I have seen good reviews and many of the user comments on CNET commented it was better than the Samsung A500, which I would have probably considered. The camera was not a big factor but could be fun for quick little (yes little) pics.

Once I get it and get to play with it a bit I'll probably let you know what I think.

Sanyo 8100

More info on Sanyo's site.

User guide in .pdf format on Sprint's site.

Did I happen to mention, I have a wonderful wife!!! In fact I would have to say that I have a pretty wonderful life and wonderful family all together.

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