Wednesday, December 09, 2015

BLU Win Jr LTE on Cricket getting "get media content now" message. Nothing happens when clicking link.

One of those things to post for my own future reference in case I would run into it again as well as for anyone else dealing with the same thing.

Moved from Motorola Mote E w/ Android to a Blu Win Jr LTE.  Both on Cricket.  It turned out to be as simple as popping SIM card from one and putting in other.  I did previously have a Lumia device on Cricket 6 months or so ago, so as I setup Blu phone I restored my settings down from backed up device.  Worked rather well, some apps no longer around, but it went pretty smooth until receiving my first MMS from iPhone user actually sending me a multi-recipient message.

Regular text were coming and going fine.  Tested texting a pic, which also failed.  I found the following page on Cricket that gave me the settings I needed to fix the old get media content now message.  After making the changes I was able to click the get media content now and the message that had previously tried to arrive came on through.

Bring your own Windows device to Cricket.

As it notes on the page linked to above, it states these settings are only for non-Cricket Windows Phones.  Such is the case for BLU (Bold Like Us) Win Jr LTE.

Now I need to test sending a pic and see if it has cleared up for that as well.

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