Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I fell recently and my thigh and hip hit the top wooden rail on the cattle run and I ended up flat on the ground.

My leg ended up looking much like that in the picture on the hematoma wikipedia page.

Bruised from the top of the leg to behind the knee.

Although the picture shows what the bruising looked like it doesn't do a very good job of depicting what the actual hematoma looked like that I had.

It was a big bump and only got bigger. It looked about like a third butt cheek on the side of my leg.

Upon my first visit to the doctor he said he could likely not draw much fluid off with a needle as it was a jelly like consistency and it would breakdown over time to liquid that could be drawn off with a needle.

Yesterday the doctor took about 5 oz. of fluid off of it (think about the amount of a half can of a soda). That made a definite difference in size, but there was still a small more solid bump left. Since yesterday the bump does look to have grown a bit, which he said it may. We'll see how things look at my appointment next week.

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