Sunday, June 21, 2009


I had never been to Hooters before this past weekend. It was my wife and her friends idea for my father-in-law's 65th birthday. As we found out the Hooters 2009 International SwimSuit Pageant was taking place that evening in Hollywood, FL. It started before we were done eating and they were showing it on the TVs around the restaurant. Hooters of Columbia actually had two representatives in the pageant. Those at the restaurant cheered as the two from Columbia were announced. Of course, as previously posted, Raechal from the Columbia store ended up winning the whole thing.

Anyway, our Hooter waitress was Alex. I think the guys in attendance had no issues with the service.

My youngest son got the shock of his life, as his focus caught his grandmother's eye and she grabbed his face and turned it in her direction. I guess you could say he was busted.

If you were to compare, I am not sure that there is a lot more to a Hooters outfit than there is to a Playboy Bunny outfit.

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