Monday, May 04, 2009

Twittering Governors


I previously mentioned some Twitter accounts in Missouri State Government.

It appears that within the Governor ranks Twitter is catching on.

The philosophy of following or not following is interesting. Our Governor is currently not following anyone, whereas Gov. Schwarzenegger (California) started following my Twitter this week and follows 49,000+ others. Gov. Palen (Alaska) just started Twittering this past week and is currently following 42. So does it matter who you follow. Do people associate you and your values based on those you follow.

I noticed that Schwarzenegger and Palen post in the first person and this past week our Governor's tweets appear to have changed from being posted in the third person, to being posted more in the first person. Not sure if that means he is actually doing the posting now or not.

Some others, hopefully they are legitimate:

Bob Riley, Gov. of Alabama
Bill Ritter, Jr., Gov. of Colorado
Charlie Crist, Gov. of Florida (this one looks suspiciously to be a spoof)
Mitch Daniels, Gov. of Indiana (seems to be up to date, appears it was started during his campaign - written in third person)
Bobby Jindal, Gov. of Louisiana
John Baldacci, Gov. of Maine (really hasn't started using)
Deval Patrick, Gov. of Massachusetts
Jennifer Granholm, Gov. of Michigan
Tim Pawlenty, Gov. of Minnesota
Haley Barbour, Gov. of Mississippi
Mark Sanford, Gov. of South Carolina
Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas (not sure if it is legit, and doesn't have any postings)
Chris Gregoire, Gov. of Washington (one post, looks to be started during her campaign for Governor)

To bad for Gov. Mark Parkinson of Kansas, as many looking for him will likely find the Missouri Representative Mark Parkinson, who already has Although, govparkinson still looks to be available at the moment.

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