Friday, March 06, 2009

Facebook, I mean Fedbook

Will we see a Fedbook (Government version of Facebook) in our future. Who knows.

The new federal CIO, Vivek Kundra (previously DC's Chief Technology Officer), wants a Web 2.0 government and likes Facebook. Could we see a more Facebook government or as many point to Facebook as taking on Twitter qualities a FedTwit (okay there have been enough Federal Twits, would probably need to use a different name).

If this is truly Vivek's Twitter, it looks like he might need to devote a bit more time to posting.

Will the CIO.GOV site become his? Will he head the CIO Council? Will all CIO's within other agencies be referred to as CIO's or will he be the only CIO and the others will become Director's of IT within their organizations. Government likes to play the name and title game sometimes. Will he really have the budget authority over all IT spending, or will he be constrained in that regard? I guess time will tell.

It appears there are still plans to name a Chief Technology Officer as well.

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White House changes course, appoints its first federal CIO

Hopefully the state can stay away from the big-contract boondoggles as well.

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