Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy Day & Volleyball

This is an obligatory post for Arejay.

I probably need to get to bed by 7pm tonight as I have a wickedly scheduled day tomorrow and I need to be ready for it. :-)

It is actually going to be a busy day. I mentioned getting all of the Performance Appraisals done for work. They have been passed on to my boss for approval. I received them back. So I have signed them, my boss has signed them, now I need to sit with the employees, have them review and sign, and do the same with the planning documents for the coming year.

That makes for 14 meetings, then I have 3 others unrelated to performance appraisals, so 17 meetings, should fill up the day.

I know I won't make it to bed by 7pm, as tonight is the start of a new session for Wednesday night volleyball. We play at 7:20pm. I haven't played in the Wednesday night league for some time. It is a Parks and Rec league. Hopefully the teams in it will be close enough in ability that it will be a fun league. The Thursday night league I play in is through the YMCA.

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