Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No More Jott for Me

No need to look for anymore Jott speech to text posts on Twitter for me.

To use Jott anymore they want me to upgrade to a pay plan. Goodbye Jott.


Anonymous said...

I can see why some of these smaller companies want to get paid for their services...

OTOH, you work for the government. You will get paid even if you dont do any work! :)

Bonj said...

Totally understandable, if I owned a company I am sure I would want to get paid for my product. I would have preferred it be pay all along though and then I would not have used it, than to have it free and switch to a pay service.

As there are politics in government, that could very well be true in some situations, but as politics don't discriminate to a certain industry/job segment, the same can be true in private industry.

Of course, that will probably get harder for some in Missouri as it is slated to get rid of 1,300 state jobs.