Saturday, February 21, 2009


I know netbooks have been in the press lately, debating the good and the bad, if they can make it, etc. Well, if work is any indication, it looks like they could have a future. With price points around $200 for handy sized devices with solid state drives, it looks like they are catching on. At least 3 people within our group have them now. One already had one, got rid of it to get the Dell Mini 9 they originally wanted after another in the group got one. Another in the group has ordered one and the first to order the Mini 9 has already ordered a second for their wife. As much as WiFi has proliferated, they don't seem to be lacking for connectivity.


arejay said...

Interesting article over at wired

Netbooks + SmartPhones = one connected group!

Bonj said...

I'll have to give it a read. Jumped over to the link and not sure if their top 5 listing was meant to be in order of popularity. If so, I am surprised that Dell was #5.

arejay said...

Asus (that first one I had) started in 2007 and sold out in months.Dell & others scrambled to catch up in late 2008.