Saturday, February 21, 2009

Missouri Photoblogs

It started out that I was simply going to point out a couple of photoblogs around Jefferson City, then I got for some more and ended up going a bit broader. I am sure there are tons more Missouri photoblogs out there, but here are a few for Missourians looking for photoblogs near them (some are more of a marketing piece for their photography business, but I included them just the same.) Basically alphabetic by city (except starting with Jefferson City), then aminus3 sites listed first then just others that I found. Feel free to add others you are aware of in the comments.

Jefferson City





Kansas City
Follow this link to filter on Todd's Missouri photos
Follow this link to filter on Todd's KC photos

Poplar Bluff

Somewhere in Missouri


St. Charles

St. Louis


Richard said...

Mind if I throw mine in for Columbia? - it's both marketing and personal.


Bonj said...

Don't mind at all. I have added under Columbia.

arejay said...

Hey thanks for combining them all in one post. Enjoyed looking around.

Bonj said...

@arejay Get one and I'll add yours.

todd said...

Hey! Thanks for linking to my site. I have a small correction for you though. The link you have forwards directly to the photoblog. If you want to link to only Missouri photos...

Missouri photos only:


Kansas City photos only: use this one

Thanks again! I appreciate the linkage!