Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Google Maps Street Level Near You?

I noticed that Google Maps has street level views in Jefferson City now.

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Harry S. Truman State Office Building.

It may have happened by now, but I await the day that you hear of law enforcement using Google Maps and the like to help solve a crime. Possibly finding a car in some driveway to confirm someone's alibi, or finding a car at a crime scene that shouldn't have been there, thus helping detectives solve a crime. Of course, the key for that is going to be determining the date/time that photos were taken. Today, those from above do not match those at street level and going from one to the next at street level do not always appear to be consistent time wise. It does appear that Google has done a good job blurring license plates as well, so not sure how much one could use what is there today, but you never know.

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