Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I voted, have you voted?

I got lucky. Those with last names that start with S-Z were not out of bed yet, except for me. The other lines were full and they were not even letting additional individuals try to get into the room until those lines went down, but they gave me a number and I went right in, got my ballot, went and sat down and voted. Quick, easy, painless. I was number 175, so not to bad. I normally go 20-30 minutes later than I did this morning and am usually in the 160s.

You can follow Missouri voting results on the Missouri Secretary of State's website.


L said...

I voted up here at 10:50AM and I was number 399... they were very excited to have 400 voters before 11AM (there was a guy behind me.. I almost told him to go ahead of me because I wanted to be #400... HA!)

Bonj said...

My wife normally votes in the morning too, but she was running late and did not vote until she got off of work, so it was close to 4 and at that point she was number 1096. As we normally don't vote at that time, I don't know if that is normal or not.