Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We have just about survived another election season. I made it to a Joe Biden Rally in Columbia and a Sarah Palin Rally in Jefferson City. I would have gone to the Joe Biden Rally in Jefferson City as well, except that I had a funeral to attend. I would have liked to have made it to that one as I had my telephoto lens by then and I believe it was held outside, which would have been much better lighting than the gymnasium I saw him at in Columbia, MO.

The Biden rally in the gym pretty much had everyone seated, which made it harder to get decent pictures as you couldn't really stand in the middle of the seated crowd the whole time taking pictures. The Palin rally being outside and everyone in the non-politically connected crowd (white ticket versus yellow ticket) was standing, which made it much easier for me to get a lot of pics.

Anyway, here are links to my Joe Biden pics (Gallery) and my Sarah Palin pics (Gallery 1 - Sony Cybershot T300 | Gallery 2 - Sony Alpha a350 Still working on uploading Gallery 2. As it is displaying pics by name/number they are not all in order. Those with a 9 in front were taken first, then the counter flipped over so it was back to 00001). Enjoy.

Once you get to the site, clicking on the Photo Gallery tab then clicking Preview is a handy way to go through them.

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