Saturday, October 04, 2008

Horses or Ponies

My youngest son's girlfriend had a horse show today at William Woods University. It was the William Woods University Jumping Derby.

10-04-2008 Ponies
Click for Pics from Today's Action

His girlfriend really likes, okay loves horses (currently a Freshmen in High School), it sounds as though she would like to do something in the Equestrian field when she grows up. She is good with animals.

This was the second event I have gone too. I liked it better as it was outside which gave lighting good enough to get some pictures versus the first show I saw which was in a not so well lit indoor arena.

Close to the end of the Derby a rider feel as her horse hit the jump and proceeded to fall on her and struggle to get up. The horse did get up, but the rider did not. Someone that had run down to where the girl lay, yelled for someone to call 911. I did not see anyone in my vicinity pull out a cell phone, so I confirmed where we were and proceeded to call. The phone rang and rang and then rang some more. Once it was answered they asked the location of the emergency and as I told them, they said they already had 5 people calling in. Sorry, I was just trying to help someone out. Now being a horse novice, it was good that someone got through before me. As there were knowledgeable of horses, they alerted the 911 operator that it was a horse show and to come without lights and sirens. I would not have given it a thought. So now all of you horse novices know this as well. You don't want fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars showing up with lights and sirens going as it can spook some horses, and having numerous horses getting spooked all at once would probably not be a good thing.

They ended up strapping the rider to the gurney, loading her into the Ambulance, and taking her to the hospital. You could definitely tell she was in some pain.

Now the Horses or Ponies. Son #2's girlfriend always says Ponies whenever she sees horses. I think it is just her way of saying it in an endearing way. She loves horses. Of course I have always said horses. Now when it comes down to it, I think her horse may actually fall into the category of pony.

Update: The good news is it sounds like the girl that fell may have only ended up with a broken clavicle (and I am sure some soreness and bruises). Not bad, all things considered.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos of the "ponies"; I enjoyed them! :) There were a couple of me with mine -- thanks!

Bonj said...

Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Our instructor sent the site to us... I hope you enjoyed your time watching our show!

Bonj said...

Other than the mishap at the end I did enjoy myself. Some really good riding and beautiful horses. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.