Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet 67 Camaro

My father-in-law purchased this car new in 1967. It was the first year they made the Camaro.

It has been through some rough years, but the restoration is just about complete.

The other Camaro you see glimpses of is a 69. It belongs to the guy that is restoring his 67. My father-in-laws 67 has the 250 cu. in. straight 6 cylinder with the 3 speed on the column (3 on the tree).


L said...

and all the car girls say... "SWEET!!!!"

Bonj said...

Almost ready to pull up next to a Mustang at the stoplight. ;-)

I think he really needs to get a 2010 Camaro to go with it.

stoogepie said...

That is one awesome car!

The 2010 Camaro looks pretty sweet, too. But before you bring one home, you should think about whether your dad-in-law is ready to raise another one all over again.