Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Saabing

My dad and step-mom have been looking to purchase a new toy. They have been talking about getting a convertible for some time, but have finally gotten serious about it. They were close to getting a Nissan 350Z, but for a play car the cost of insurance kind of scared them away, so they ended up looking a bit more and found a 2001 Saab convertible with just 41,000 miles. Not exactly a Z, but a nice little comvertible nonetheless.

I got to take it for a spin today, hence I was Saabing. Now I am sobbing that I don't have a fun little convertible play car. :-)

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stoogepie said...

I love that car. It's not a Z, true, but it's a lot more comfortable. I'm sure it's plenty fast enough to keep things scary and it's definitely still a delicious piece of eye candy.

I want one, too.