Thursday, July 24, 2008

E-mail Survey

The findings noted in "C2C Survey Shows Employees Still Enduring Mailbox Quotas and Manually Deleting Email Data.", on BusinessWire do not surprise me.

They state among their findings:

  • 65 percent of survey respondents contend with mailbox quotas and are forced to self-manage their email to stay operational.
  • 66 percent take their own measures to save email messages in order to ensure they arent lost, with a majority storing email outside their company email system, in some cases even in personal/home email accounts.
  • 67 percent need to search for an email that is more than three months old at least once a month, with 28 percent spending time searching about once a week or even daily.

It also stated that:

...those who self-manage email to stay within quotas frequently delete messages, delete attachments, and/or create a PST file a method used in more than half of organizations surveyed.

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