Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Medical Complex

Jefferson City is to get a new Medical Complex. St. Mary's is going to build a new Health Center. It will be along Hwy 179 in Jefferson City. From hearing about it early on, I was under the impression that it was going to be on the Hwy 50 side of Hwy 179, but it is going to be on the Hwy C side of Hwy 179.

More info can be found in this PDF.

St. Mary’s will build a replacement hospital campus
on 110 acres of property located on the east side of
Route 179, between W. Edgewood and Route C. The
project will cost approximately $200 million and include
a full-service hospital with 167 all-private patient

2008 Site plan and architectural design
2009 Excavation
2010 Construction begins
2012 Hospital opens.

News post on the St. Mary's Site.

I noticed that St. Mary's site is hosted on Lotus Domino.

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