Thursday, May 01, 2008

Prison Brews

On April 10th, I posted about Prison Brews, a new brewery and restaurant that has opened in Jefferson City at 305 Ash St.

I found the information that my wife had picked up about their Beer, but you can also find the information on what looks to be their official website. Looks like they do need to update the hours of operation they have listed.

I know Bob, the owner, had stated that they had not done any advertising. When we were there the place was pretty well packed. The service was not that great, but as it was their fourth day of being open, they were probably not prepared for the crowd. Our appetizer came after we got our food. Although I said the service was not that great, I have to say that there was a kid taking care of drinks and dishes that was doing a great job. I mentioned it to Bob on the way out and he went over and told the kid who said thank you as he walked by headed back to the kitchen.

I'll definitely give the place another chance.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can say there was one thing good-the pizza. Beyond that not impressed. We waited over 45 mins for bread and salad and the place was not that busy. When we did get the bread and salad we had to go hunt down our own silverware. My daughter dropped her knife and 4 waitstaff people looked at her but noone got her a new one. When we finally got our entree my KC strip, at least that is what the menu said it was more fat than anything, was so far over cooked (I asked for medium) it was very chewy. It was also cut in half??? Anyone who has watched the food network even once knows you don't cut a cooked steak right away. I know my husband and I have high expectations of service when we go out, but the service did not even make a 1 on our list. With keeping our own expectations in perspective we do give every place a shot but I just can't give more than that for a score. If it wasn't for my daughter eating her pizza we would have walked out. I hope things get better but we will not be returning anytime soon. Hope someone elses experciance was better than ours.