Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prison Brews

There is a new micro-brewery in town. It opened Monday morning at 11am. They claim to be the first brewery in Jefferson City since prohibition. It is also a restaurant. I would recommend trying the wood-fired pizza. Although I have heard some of the other items are good as well.

I don't recall the exact names, but they have 6 different beers with Prison related names, something like CellMate Pale, etc. It starts with their lightest colored beer, followed by a honey wheat, a pale ale, a honey brown, an IPA, and then their darkest beer. I like dark beers, but was not a big fan of theirs. There are probably a lot of people that will like it, but to me they taste a bit like New Belgium Brewings 1554 black ale, which in my opinion tastes like someone took a charred piece of wood and dunked it down into a glass of dark beer.

You can order the sampler which has all six beers and there is actually enough in each glass to give you a good taste, not little shot glasses like a lot of places.

The front of the employees t-shirts has the Prison Brews logo and the back has a quote attributed to Ben Franklin:

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


Joe said...

The wood fired pizza really is awesome, although I was expecting a crispier crust. The steak sandwich is also good, as are the garlic-herb fries. The only beer I've tried so far is the brown ale, but it was delicious. It was nutty with a hint of chocolate from the roasted malts. Most American browns are very bitter (Pete's Wicked Ale, e.g.), but the Prison Brews brown ale was more like a traditional British brown. I'll definitely be going back soon.

Bonj said...

Thanks for the comment Joe.

Anonymous said...

We tried Prison Brews a few days ago and found the experience awesome. Our server, Brandy, greeted us with a smile and made us feel welcome. The atmosphere was something my husband and I couldn't take our eyes off of. You can really tell the owners have really put some money into this place to have it look great! We tried the micro sampler, which I'm not a beer drinker, buy my husband loved it. We ordered pizza and a steak sandwich. The only complaint we had was that our pizza came out about 10 minutes before the steak sandwich. But Brandy did say that they are still trying to work out the kinks of timing the pizza oven up with the kitchen. All in all, great experience!

Anonymous said...

Before you read this please understand that I REALLY wanted to like Prison Brews. I thought it had all of the earmarks which would make it a regular destination for food, drinks and a few laughs. A group of us went to this place. I don't think it was anything special. Maybe you can consider it a breakthrough in the "mom and pop" style establishments, in which Jefferson City is sorely lacking - but it gets a C+ at best. The food was fair (That was not pizza... it was a poor imitation), the service was slow and the servers would not make it in a urban-city environment, the beer was "OK" but nothing I would go running back for anytime soon. The place itself was interesting to look at. It was fairly well put together.

It is really too bad that there is not more emphasis on night life and food in this area. If there was a greater variety offered customers would demand better quality. As for me I am sick of eating at chain restaurants - Applebee's, Colton’s, Lone Star, etc. I can only eat the same thing so many times. Try Ria’s on W. Edgewood. They are the closest thing to a decent meal locally.

Bonj said...

Thanks for the comment. It might be worth saying they are the best microbrewery in town, but as far as I know they are the only microbrewery in town. As far as beer and my limited visits to microbreweries, Flat Branch in Columbia, and Tin Mill in Herman, both have better beer.

I have tried Rias a couple of times and must say my preference was my visit during lunch and getting the lunch buffet.