Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have used Google Notebook, Listas (I would say it is lagging behind), OneNote, and now I see Evernote (of course there is Zoho Notebook as well and I would imagine others I don't know about).

Now EverNote even has a new Beta (like many an invitation only kind of thing) and talk about having everything in one place so that you can find it, but if there is always a new thing coming out for you to keep your stuff in, which one do you finally decide to stick with?

EverNote does look interesting, but the others are interesting to a degree as well.

I can see where one would like to be able to get to information from anywhere, but with work information you have to decide if you can afford to have the information floating around the web somewhere.

So many choices, which is the right one. Of course, one can also do something similar in a more manual fashion simply by copying links and information to documents and have them in one place using things like Google Docs, ThinkFree, ZoHo, and Office Live WorkSpace as well. Some sites have more inclusive features and others serve a niche. What is one to do?

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