Monday, January 07, 2008

Tornado Warnings

There are tornado warnings in adjacent counties. The sirens are going off in our city, which makes it hard to sleep as I was trying to do.

EAS has taken over the TV a couple of times, but each time there were no announcements coming through. That is handy. About as good as the PA system in the building where I work.


Randy said...

Had no idea the sirens were going off.

Know of a service that provides rss weather alerts when there are tornado watches/warnings? Or text messages to my cell phone like the local school district?


Lora said...

glad to know you survived... or was rudely awoken... either way... the sirens worked for you, huh? Ha!

Bonj said...

As there wasn't anything actually in our area I would have preferred it not go off, so that I could have slept. :-)

They didn't even make people go downstairs at work, like they normally do.