Friday, January 11, 2008

Picked Up Focus

Woudn't you know it. I picked up my car yesterday, but they only got one of the parts in. It was the PCV tube assembly which is the more important of the two as they state driving with the PCV problem long enough could cause engine damage. Not having the yaw control simply means that the traction control does not work, which is not that big of a deal. The yaw piece is now expected to be in on Monday, but they said not to bring the car in until they call when they have it in hand.

I noticed when stopping on the way home that the car really idled rough when stopped and in gear. I called when I got home and mentioned it. They told me that the tech had reset the computer, so it was still learning where it should be idling at. He could not remember how long it took for it work its way out, but was pretty sure it would by Monday. With their track record, I am not sure I have a real warm fuzzy feeling about it, but we will see.

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