Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am toying with the idea of moving my photoblog. I like my photoblog template a bit better than the old one I used to have for it on Blogger, but I like a lot of the photoblogs that have a truly photo centric look/feel.

Like Blogger I would like to find a free solution without having to really worry about space requirements.

I am thinking of something more like AMINUS3 (I posted some of my pics there to see how it works), but not sure that I like the tie to one picture a day. As you can place them on any day you want, it may not really be an issue. Not really after the look of photo hosting like Flickr or Zooomr.

I look at a fair number of photoblogs (often those submitting their pics on Photo Friday and Thursday Challenge) and realize how much of an amateur I really am, but taking and sharing photos is enjoyable nonetheless.

If you have a favorite photoblog hosting site, or have an opinion between my currnet one and Aminus3 feel free to comment. Thanks.


Randy said...

Aminus3 between you current ones.

that one is new to me I might have to go that route. Thanks for pointing it out.

Bonj said...

Thanks Randy. After playing around with it a bit more, I think it will be the one I go with, at least for now.

If you set one up send me a link.