Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Missouri Online Services

Missouri recently rolled out some updates to its Accountability Portal. One update allows you to find information about state employees pay, searching by Agency, by Employee, or by Position.

One has also been able to find a snapshot of state employees pay via the "Blue Book" from the Secretary of State's Office. It is currently in its 66th Edition and has been available via the web for some time.

The Portal also has a link to Revenue's "Who Is Not Paying" site, which allows one to search for businesses that have a revoked Missouri Sales Tax License. From the site:

A business may have its sales tax license revoked for failure to remit sales tax collected from its customers to the Department of Revenue or a business may have its sales tax license revoked for failure to remit income taxes withheld on behalf of its employees to the Department of Revenue.

Revenue has also recently released the No Returned Required site, which is "for individuals in the military who are stationed in Missouri or have a Missouri home of record and are not required to file a Missouri income tax return." By submitting their information via the website they are notifying the Missouri Department of Revenue that they are not required to file a Missouri income tax return.

The latest release by the Missouri Department of Revenue is a site that allows one to "Search for an organization or business with a current Missouri Department of Revenue Business Tax Registration". Just remember that the site is based on the information that Revenue has via the business tax registration, not necessarily by the name you think of as the business name. If you don't find a business name under business or exempt organizations, you might head back over the the Secretary of State site and do a "Search for Business Entity...", as it is possible a business might have a fictitious name registered. If you find the business you were looking for here, then you might check under type to see if it is a fictitous registration, if so, you might follow the link and look in the filed documents where you might actually find the name that they have used for business tax registration.

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