Sunday, January 06, 2008

Converting .MOV files to .AVI

The home PC crashed not to long ago and it ended up that I can't remember what little app I had found to convert .MOV files to .AVI files, so I went looking again. As usual I looked for open source/freeware and ran across MediaCoder.

Looks like it might not be to bad if you new much about video. I don't. My Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18K does videos in .MOV file format. I usually use PhotoStory 3 and Windows Movie Maker when making videos. Windows Movie Maker doesn't like .MOV files, hence the need to convert. After playing around with it, I did get my videos to convert, but they were enormously large compared to the original and after stringing together and publising a moving from Windows Movie Maker they looked awful. Some more playing around and I finally got the settings to where it was outputting files of similar size that would come out viewable from Windows Movie Maker.


Anonymous said...

I recommend ConverHQ. it's easy to use. it's from a company called conceiva dot com
(i think)

Bonj said...

Thanks. Looks like it would do the trick. I was just trying to find something that was open source/freeware.