Saturday, December 15, 2007

Windows Live Photo Gallery

The wlxquicktimecontrolhost.exe appears to have a problem. Doing a search doesn't return a lot. I have only seen it running when Windows Live Photo Gallery is reading a directory with photos/movies. The process eats all of your CPU. The only thing that appears to fix it is removing Windows Live Photo Gallery. Looking at the process name one would be quick to blame Apple, but not sure if that is the case.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just installed windows live and found the exact same problem. Manifests when you bring up a directory with *.MOV files. If I have a directory with only *.jpg files, no problems. But one .mov causes ~max cpu until thumbnails are rendered.

Bonj said...

That would explain it. My camera does .MOV files for the video clips.

It would be nice if they would get a fix for it.

Bonj said...

I have recently moved to running Windows Vista and I do not experience the problem under Vista.