Friday, November 09, 2007

ThinkFree 1GB limit

I don't recall. Has ThinkFree always had the 1GB limit or are they just another one of the free sites that realized free comes at to much of a cost to them and implemented a limit for free accounts?

They may have started with the 1GB limit, but it does seem as though limiting free accounts by size, features, etc. has become more of a trend. Of course, that is understandable from a business standpoint.


Jonathan said...

Hi Bonj,

Yes, we have always had the 1GB limit. I think we were actually one of the first to make it that high.

We have found very few personal users who go over that amount though.


Bonj said...

Great. Thanks for the clarification Jonathan. I have looked at so many sites lately, especially photo sites that limit one in some way or another that for some reason the little 1GB banner especially caught my eye the other day and I couldn't remember if it had been there or not.