Sunday, October 21, 2007

Social Media in Government

Social Media seems to be a topic raising itself at the State level. Some see the possibilities of social interaction with the public, while others only see the whole thing as one big security concern.

I think for a while things will stay a bit status quo. In some respects, don't ask, don't tell. Even if there would be a direct policy forbidding it, it will happen. With today's technology there really is no stopping it unless you have everyone leave their cell phone/mobile device at the door everyday and limit any connectivity outside of the work place. Although that would only keep it from happening during work hours. We are social animals and people will blog or participate in the Social Media environment after work if they have to. Some post anonymously, and some throw there thoughts out there for anyone to see.

So, what are your thoughts on social media in government?

I noticed a couple of blogs today that I had not seen before. They are the Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture and A Look at Missouri Farmers' Markets. I need to take a look at the agencies site to see if they are agency endorsed sites, or if they are Lane's personal sites, simply sharing knowledge about the agency. As her profile name is Missouri Department of Agriculture, one would hope they are sanctioned sites.

Going along with this topic I have added a poll on the site about social media in state government, which will end on 11/30/07. Feel free to participate.

Quick Update: I have not looked extensively, but with a quick glance I did find a link to the "A Look at Missouri Farmers' Markets" blog on the Farmers' Market Directory (where Lane is listed as a contact), which is linked to from the Missouri Department of Agriculture site, but falls under the Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board (AgEBB), which is on a University of Missouri server.

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