Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mediafire Upload Speed

Click for larger pic.

I would say that the upload speed could slow their increase in membership. :-)

It jumped back to 7+ minutes shortly after this popped up, but I would imagine this service will experience some growing pains. To limit the growth and pains they may have to stick with the model of uploading only 10 files at a time. If they come up with a better solution for uploading they will probably see an even larger exponential growth in adoption of their service. This would likely have them rethinking how the unlimited uploads work. Possibly like on site which will let you upload unlimited, but as far as sharing on the web you are limited to the number of pics you can share at a time. Kind of does away with some of the need for unlimited uploading. I guess only time will tell.


henry said...

Don't mean to insult you, but do you know your line speed.

Bonj said...

It is quick enough it shouldn't take 297 days to upload 34mb. Depends on the moment in time, but usually runs around 470kbps.