Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Buzz

No I am not talking about a radio station, I am talking about Buzzword, a creation of Virtual Ubiquity. Of course, Virtual Ubiquity has signed an agreement to be acquired by Adobe Systems. You can read a bit about The Buzz on that here or here.

I do like the fact that Buzzword seems pretty quick. On initial look I am surprised the only share feature is via sending an e-mail. I would think that it would have the option to simply share publicly like many others (which it may somewhere, I need to look around a bit more before saying that it can't for sure).

I probably need to share to one of my other e-mail addresses to see what that looks like. I must say the other thing one finds amiss is the fact that under "Save As" the formats listed are Buzzword Document, which saves within the Buzzword web environmet, or File, which gives the options of Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Word 2003 XML (.xml), and Rich Text Format (.rtf). The one missing from the list; Adobe's own .PDF. I know Adobe use to allow individuals the ability to create PDFs online via subscriptions, if they still do, they might be taking a revenue stream away from themselves if they add the PDF option, but as many others offer that capability, what will draw one to Buzzword and set it apart from the others.

From the site:

Buzzword, the first real word processor for the web, is a breakthrough in collaborative authoring for documents that matter. Many online pundits agree with us. Check out The Buzz page.

You can also check out the Buzzword Blog.


Rick said...

Thanks for writing about Buzzword. A few comments - a. Email sharing doesn't send the document, it sends an invitation to view, commment, or edit the document. It does not create a copy of the document and email it; b. public sharing is on our list of forthcoming features; c. We are working on PDF export.

Bonj said...

Yes, I did understand the premise that it would just send an invite and not the document itself. In mentioning sharing with another one of my e-mail addresses, I was just wondering what those receiving the invite would see in the invite and not being signed in with my account see if it prompts one to signup for an account or if it just lets the invitee in.

Regarding the public sharing and PDF export, all I have to say is, GREAT!

Thanks for the comments.