Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grand Central Web Button

Grand Central gives you the oppurtunity to post a web button (they currently have 6 to choose from in different sizes). The web button will allow someone to call your Grand Central number without giving out the number. I really don't expect that I would get any serious calls this way, but I figured I would throw it out here. As one can with any calls coming in, you can configure how the call is handled. Right now calls received from the web button are setup to go straight to voicemail with the default greeting. If you would simply like to hear what the default Grand Central gretting sounds like activate the control (pic above) and then click Call on the pic to get started. You'll then have a spot to put your name and phone number, once you have done that simply click Call Me. The system will call you and put you in touch with my Grand Central account. Leave a message if you would like. If a tame enough message I might use it to show how one can actually post/share messages received via the Grand Central voicemail.


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