Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Customer Appreciation

I really felt appreciated today, just as it seems I do whenever I go for service at our local Ford dealership (you can sense the sarcasm, can't you?).

Our local Ford dealer was having a 15 year anniversary sale/event. If you purchased a Ford vehicle from them and still had it you could register to win a Ford Edge. They said win a Ford Edge. Then you look into it further and I would take issue with that wording. You actually win the use of a Ford Edge. It is a 2 year lease with 10,500 a year covered (kind of low on the mileage allowance). Anyway, you can turn it back in at 21,000 miles if that occurs before the two years without owing anything additional (of course, there could be charges for excessive wear, etc. as is normallly the case with a lease). Anyway, both of my vehicles were purchased at this Ford Dealership, so I drove down Friday to enter. They would only let me register once for the vehicle that I had with me, even though I could give the information about the other vehicle. I stated that I couldn't make it back in the next day, and the saleswoman told me that they would still be taking entries on Monday and Tuesday. I drive by the dealership on the way to and from work everyday, so today on the way home I stopped in and stated to the same saleswoman that I was there to enter and she said that I was too late, they already drew for it. Why did you tell me to come in Monday or Tuesday and not mention that you were drawing at 5pm. Once again, they wasted my time.

Anyway congratulations to Shannon Luebbert on winning the lease.

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