Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wipers and Lights

Did you realize that in Missouri if conditions require that you use your windshield wipers that you must also use your lights?

"When lighted lamps are required" means at any time from a half-hour after sunset to a half-hour before sunrise and at any other time when there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of five hundred feet ahead. Lighted lamps shall also be required any time the weather conditions require usage of the motor vehicle's windshield wipers to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner as defined in section 304.012, RSMo. The provisions of this section shall be interpreted to require lighted lamps during periods of fog even if usage of the windshield wipers is not necessary to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner.

Chapter 307 Vehicle Equipment Regulations Section 307.020


Lora said...

can we please get this notice out to ALL drivers in Missouri... I met 3 or 4 cars on the road when it was raining so hard you could barely see without their lights one... ugh!

bonj said...

Since it is on here, they all ought to see it. :-)